Incinerator Design


Combined technology related to MSW:

  • To present the new (concept / combined / method) to assist the world wide market in technology competition, economy and environment.

  • High NOx emission within process.

  • Multi fuel capacity with low / high moistures content and calorific value.

  • High degree of flexibilities, combustion /paralysis.

  • High to low rang of output capacities.


 Developing the existence technology.

  • Solving problems, design review, modification, and suggestions.

  • Choose of suitable material and instruments, components (durability, economy, performance, etc).

  • Quality control, inspection of main components under construction, installation, maintenance.

  • Start up procedure.

  • Organizing, material layout.


Auxiliaries system.

  • Feeding system design  e.g. Continuous feeding, silo, Regulating feeding.

  • Cyclone.

  • Ash delivery system.